Stephen Beal | Biography
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He believes strongly in training and studies consistently to hone the craft of acting.  Stephen is in the Master’s Class at the Berg Studios in Atwater Village and has acted as co-producer of the studio’s showcases, all of which were very well received.  He has also taken commercial workshops, voice over training, workshops on comedy and study of many dialects.  Stephen works regularly with Sharpo productions live shows to exercise his “comedy muscles.”

A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else...Leap and the net will appear -- John Burroughs

Stephen spent many years as an executive consultant, husband and father before returning to pursuing acting full time.  During his stint as a consultant he still found ways to perform:  corporate magic shows, speaking at conferences, sales presentations and host/emcee for corporate events.  He has been a member of the Magic Castle for a couple decades.

Other Interests

Because life is not just about performing in front of an audience Stephen has explored and sometimes gotten pretty good at several other activities.  He loves to sail and is on a sailboat racing team.  He is an excellent cook and tried his hand at owning a restaurant.  He is adept at working with wood and is proud to say that his son is even better as a furniture designer/builder.  He enjoys sailing, hiking, archery and the shooting sports.  Stephen also enjoys building and flying large-scale model rockets, one of which exceeded Mach 2 in less than one second after launch.